I am very enthusiastic about Cosmetic Acupuncture! The benefits are that it restores the skin’s natural glow, fades imperfections, lifts the skin, reduces wrinkles, delays the aging process and improves the complexion of the skin. So fine lines, acne, puffiness, sagging, circles and age spots can be treated in a natural way.

I improve the skin from the outside, but also from the inside because I include a body acupuncture treatment to improve the skin (think of stress, sleeping problems or hormonal imbalance). The needles on the face stimulate the skin to rebuild its collagen. The needles on the body stimulate healthy blood circulation and a calm hormone level, making the skin better from the inside out.

A treatment lasts 90 minutes and consists of a natural face mask, face and body acupuncture, guasha, moxa therapy and a facial massage. It’s a natural treatment, without the use of chemicals and without side effects. This comprehensive treatment holistically rebalances your health and well-being!