In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Heart Organ Network includes not only the heart muscle but also aspects of mental and emotional activity and overall blood circulation. The Yin of the body helps to regulate and nourish this organ network.
A diagnosis of Heart Yin deficiency means that the reserves that nourish and support the Heart and the mind are weakened and unable to perform their functions. A diet that includes enriching and building foods can help to preserve and restore Heart Yin.
Meals should consist largely of easily digested complex carbohydrates like grains and starchy root vegetables, roughly 40% of your diet. About 40% of the diet should be comprised of cooked vegetables. Proteins should comprise only 10 – 20% of the diet. The diet should also include plenty of fluids, especially in the form of soups, and should avoid overly hot, spicy meals.
Below is a list of recommended foods. You should not limit your diet to only these foods. Instead follow the guidelines above of the optimum ratios of carbohydrates, vegetables and proteins, and add the recommended foods from the list below within your meals. Where ever possible choose ally grown foods.

Specific foods for Heart Yin deficiency
wheat, oats, sweet rice, millet, barley, eggs, dairy in moderate amounts, yogurt, tofu, tempeh, nuts & seeds, aduki beans, black beans, mung beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, fava beans, black sesame seeds, pork, chicken, black boned chicken, duck, pigeon, eggs, organic bone marrow spanish mackerel, sardines, oysters, mussels, clams, cuttlefish, squid, perch, seaweeds, eel, bird’s nest soup, zucchini, squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, melons, string beans, beets, button mushrooms, wood ear mushrooms, Jujube dates, lotus seeds, longan fruit, lily bulb, mulberries, apples, banana, blueberries, black berries, peaches, mulberries, mango, coconut
olive oil, flaxseed oil, almond oil, lily flowers.

Foods to restrict or avoid
chilies, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, onions, shallots, leeks, basil, cloves, wasabi coffee, vinegar, pickles, tea, lamb, shrimp, prawns, veal, game birds, citrus fruits, cigarettes, alcohol, recreational stimulants.

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