A good night’s sleep is very important because our body recovers during sleep. Poor sleep demands a lot from your body… Tiredness, low energy, a dull complexion, bags and circles under our eyes. worry. Will I be able to sleep tonight? Can I still go without sleeping pills? Because of the deep fatigue there is no energy left to do the things that give you energy. Before you know it you are in a vicious circle. I am happy to help you with acupuncture to break this vicious circle so that you feel better about yourself and you can shine again.

How can acupuncture be so effective?

Insomnia is a sign that there is an imbalance in the body. With acupuncture I can restore the imbalance. When the balance is restored, the symptoms will slowly disappear and you feel a lot better. By listening carefully to your complaints and by feeling your pulse and looking at your tongue, I know what to do for you. I use small needles that I place at various points on the body to restore balance, possibly relieve pain, stress and anxiety, improve sleep and improve overall well-being. The best result is achieved by coming in for a treatment for a few weeks in a row. I also pay attention to the annoying side effects associated with insomnia, such as bags under the eyes, wrinkles and dry skin. After a treatment, many patients experience a deep relaxation and this is the first important step to recovery.