Shoulder pain, neck pain, hernia, back pain, tennis elbow, RSI, hip pain, knee pain, abdominal pain, menstrual cramps, headache, chest pain, dental pain…..Everyone has physical pain occasionaly, but sometimes it can really rule your life and there seem to be no solution. However, acupuncture can help relieve many of these complaints, both acute and recurring pain complaints. Every day I see patients’ lives change as they go home with less pain thanks to acupuncture.

If there is no good flow, there is pain. Initially, I restore the free flow of energy, so that the pain is reduced and sometimes it disappears immediately. I place very thin needles at different points on your body, often somewhere other than where your pain is. These needles reduce the tension of the muscles, which reduces the pain. You will also notice that the overall tension in your body decreases. Before I insert the needles, we briefly discuss your health and lifestyle and I feel your pulse and look at your tongue. This way I know exactly where to place the needles with you. As soon as your symptoms improve after a few treatments, you will notice that other health problems also ease. This is because apart from treating the complaints, I also try to restore the balance in your body.

I use cupping, Guasha or Moxa where necessary and I sometimes also do therapeutic bloodletting. There are also two excellent massage therapists available in the practice.