Moxibustion Therapy

Winter is coming! As this is the most yin time, the most yang therapy is best – and moxibustion is a part of that! It’s nature is pure yang, therefore it has the ability to restore the primary Qi of the body.

Moxibustion has been used to prevent and cure diseases for more than 2500 years. How does it work? Dried and pulvered Mugwort-plant ( alsno known as Artemisia Vulgaris) is placed on specific acupuncture points and then allowed to burn slow. By warming these points, the Qi in your body can flow better so Wind, Cold and Damp can be dispelled. A better flowing Qi will strengthen the immune system and the vitality – the yang of the body.

It is a common practice to place a cone of direct moxa on a piece of ginger or a pile of salt or to put moxa on a needle. The smell of the moxa can be very strong but the warmth can really invigorate the body. There are different qualities of moxa and I use the finest from Japan.

Benefits of Moxibustion:

  • Warms the Channels: Pain in the body that feels worse in cold weather, will feel better with the application of heat on specific points.
  • Promotes Circulation of Qi & Blood: Moxa is warming and moving. It helps to promote movement of blood and qi so it is particularly good for pain. Think about menstrual pain but also think about moving qi around a scar after ceasarean section.
  • Stimulates Acupuncture Points: We also use moxa to stimulate specific points such as the point on the little toe which helps to turn a baby. Some points on the body can only be used with moxa.
  • Builds Qi & Blood: Moxa helps getting a stronger immune system. The warmth builds Qi and Blood and in TCM they are the main substances essential for life and vitality.
  • Benefits the joints: Arthritic pain, tenderness, stiffness and swelling felt in joints triggered by cold weather.

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